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Ciner Hotel Goreme, in the center 3 Suite, 39 Standard and serves a total of 42 rooms, breakfast is included in the room price, local kavatl buffet is served. Depending on the season fresh fruit juices, tea, coffee, fruit varieties, yogurt, butter, honey, jam, optionally, molasses, eggs, olives, you can find different kinds of cheese. According to your request can be made at various options for vegetarians or those on special diets.
Pool, wireless, internet cafe, games room and take advantage of our free room service. We have dry cleaning and laundry service, balloon tours, prices, booking, District tour, Horse Riding, Turkish Night, Regional Directory, Single Studio Tour, Carpet Magzie trip, rental car, you can request our agents' demands, Kayseri and Nevsehir Airport passenger, Hotel Cinema Goreme , transfer services, (exstra) you may also request our Agency,
A town population of 2000 in the settlement period to see the fairy chimneys. In the region of the burial chambers are found on rocks from the pre-Christian era. Goreme Open Air Museum and small size of many churches in the refectory of the monks, the burial chamber, pantry and cellar, we will see. VII in the monastery in the museum field. XII century. able to watch the church until the century architecture. A flat base, barrel-vaulted, single or three apses, the central cross, reflecting the local style frescoes in the church built by planned architecture pictures izleyebilirsiniz.nevşehir 10 km. Around the distance between the Goreme town of Nevsehir-Urgup-Avanos triangle it is located in the area surrounded by valleys.


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