Golden Cave Suites

Golden Cave Suites

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By today, the local people used as a living area in the past our hotel, our dreams and labor intensive is a result of our hotel since 2009 in order to tourism took its present form.

The original building and rooms are approximately 300 years older than the rocks and stones Our hotel the day it received using the region fully completed all restoration according to the original until now been offered to you. Our service and quality standards, you will hear all the requirements of our valued guests during the holidays it has been shaped by considering the Anatolian hospitality. Our hotel will feel the historical texture of your comfortable room, you will feel rest will fall under the spell of the media scrambling away from your normal life.

Our hotel is located in Urgup Esbelli neighborhood dominated. Totally with widths varying from hand-carved from rock or stone of our rooms 40 and 80 m2 each room draws our attention with its unique design. The rare location of our hotel and our room and patterned gold rocks in our hotel "GOLDEN" gave his name as. Our terrace for those who want to watch the sunrise or sunset offers an endless depth. In short, our hotel will experience the most important square in the picture left in your memory after days of Cappadocia where you live.


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